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What once was the main entrance to the building was cold, quiet, and neglected.Hanging plants by the front stairs sat silent and still. I retreated back into the building, this time to go one more floor down. A dainty autopsy table sat in the center with a chalkboard overlooking it.After entering and navigating the 15 flights of stairs in the darkness to do my roof climb, I was nervous and anxious, like I was invading on the building’s privacy.However, in that room I didn’t feel fear, uneasiness, or anything but a very welcoming, and frankly, overwhelming sense of being.They were cramped, crude, and some only had small partitions between toilets.

One Roc Subway reader (who wishes to remain anonymous) found a way into the secured building.

It was as if I had stepped off into my unconscious; a bad dream.

Hallway after hallway of unending rooms, repeated, over and over with no escape. A large glass box was situated in the middle as the reception desk.

I quickly found the nearest stairwell and took it to the 15th floor, where I then switched to an alternate staircase to gain entry to the top floors of mechanics, piping and the roof.

There I witnessed a picturesque sunrise the likes of which I’ve never seen.

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