Rachel dating nathan

Chloe believed Rachel was the only person who considered how she felt about her father and being "abandoned" by Max, who failed to contact her over the span of five years while in Seattle.

Chloe considered Rachel "her angel" as a result, going as far as "replacing" Max with Rachel's friendship.

She wrote a letter to Chloe while in their clubhouse at the junkyard, explaining that she had met someone special who was worldly and experienced "serious shit", but threw the letter away.

Rachel continued to see Frank behind the scenes, unaware that she was being watched by David Madsen, Chloe's stepfather.

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Chloe and Rachel became friends, and mingled together on the campus of Blackwell Academy, befriending the likes of Justin Williams, Trevor and their "Skater Posse".She was accidentally killed by Nathan Prescott with a drug overdose some time between the months April and October 2013.Rachel Amber was born in July 22, 1994 in Long Beach, California.Much of Chloe's dialog with Max when speaking about her relationship with Rachel implies that their relationship was a romantic one; Chloe going as far as saying that she was "rescued from Blackwell bros" by Rachel when Max notes apparent Chloe's crush on her.While Rachel Amber befriended whoever she liked and never concerned herself with what people might think of her, she did however, worry what Chloe would think of her relationship with Frank Bowers.

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