Rachael yamagata dating

Some songs are fierce and cutting and others are cinematic nostalgia.

The second disc offers a more astringent view, from her ruthless attitude towards her "Sidedish Friend" and the old flame fallen on hard times in "Accident", to the bitter warning that brings things to a close, "Don't fuck me in front of me".

It’s definitely an evolution from my past internal writing and onto something more universal.

Rachael Yamagata's second album comes as a double, the nine moody love songs of Elephants followed by a burst of five more brusquely energetic rock songs on Teeth Sinking into Heart.

It seems apropos that, on the way to meet Rachael Yamagata, I saw a man run through oncoming traffic to help an old woman in danger of getting hit while crossing the street.

That type of singular, romantic gesture is the kind of moment captured in vivid relief in Yamagata's music, which aptly traverses the minutiae of modern love, from first blush to the messy complications, and many points between.

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