Public opinion interracial dating

Also, the prohibitions of reace can be much stronger between minorities than between caucasians and minorities.I think it would be more acceptable to relatives involved for a caucasian – african-american relationship than, lets say, a Asian – african-american.

I, for one, was really happy when we here in Alabama finally voted to repeal our laws against interracial marriage a few years back.

Twentysomething brides and grooms are typically more accepting of interracial relationships than their parents.

When the Pew Research Center in Washington began polling Americans about their attitudes toward interracial dating in 1987, only 48% of the public approved.

Rather like wanting to sail around the world but not being able to quit one’s day job.

I think the acceptance of it is a step in the right direction-first people have to feel comfortable with the concept before they are going to be involved in it themselves.

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