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[10] By a decision taken in virtue of Article 23 of the Statute and in accordance with what had been agreed upon during the proceedings in regard to the preliminary objections made by Poland, as also with a Resolution adopted by the Court during its ninth session, the President convoked an extraordinary session of the Court for February 2nd, 1926; the Parties were duly notified.

[11] In the course of hearings held from February 5th-11th and from February 16th-26th, the Court has heard the oral pleadings, replies and rejoinders submitted by the above-mentioned Agents of the Parties. 3 of the Request of May 15th, 1925, the applicant Party in its Reply has, "subsidiarily", couched it in the following form: "May the Court be pleased "To give judgment "to the effect that the notices of an intention to liquidate the rural estates belonging to are not in conformity with the provisions of Article 6 and the following articles of the Geneva Convention." [16] The respondent Party maintained in his Rejoinder that the adoption of the new formula implied the withdrawal of the original claim and the substitution for it of a new one which was essentially different both as regards its contents and its legal basis.

This statement was duly placed on record by the Court.

[20] (2) Regarding the estate of Frau Gabriele von Ruffer, the application was withdrawn by a similar statement made at the hearing of February 5th, 1926; the Agent of the German Government, in a further statement made at the hearing of February 8th, 1926, attached certain reservations to this withdrawal, which reservations were placed on record, but which do not otherwise affect the case now before the Court.

II, the President fixed the times for the filing of the documents of the written proceedings in regard to the suits in question as follows: For the Case, by the Applicant: Wednesday, September 16th, 1925; For the Counter-Case, by the Respondent: Wednesday, October 28th, 1925; For the Reply, by the Applicant : Wednesday, November 25th, 1925; [p8] For the Rejoinder, by the Respondent : Wednesday, December 23rd, 1925.

[8] The Case of the German Government was filed on the date fixed.

These interests concerned in the first place the application of Articles 2 and 5 of the Polish law of July 14th, 1920, the deletion from the land registers of the name of the Oberschlesische Stickstoffwerke Company (hereafter called the "Oberschlesische") as owner of certain landed property at Chorzw, and the entry, in its place, of the Polish Treasury; the taking over by a delegate of the Polish Government of control of the working of the nitrate factory at Chorzw; also the taking possession by him of the movable property and patents, licences, etc., of the Bayerische Stickstoffwerke Company (hereafter called the "Bayerische"), which had previously worked the factory.

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[17] The Agent of the Polish Government, in his reply on February 8th, 1926, after admitting that the Court had overruled the contention submitted by his Government in the proceedings upon the plea to the jurisdiction and had ruled that the notices possessed a definitive character, stated that, in order to simplify the argument, he left aside all these questions of form, withdrew the submission set out in the Rejoinder and agreed to argue the matter on the basis of the so-called subsidiary submission, that is to say, the submission formulated in the Reply. The German Government, during the oral proceedings, has withdrawn its application in so far as certain estates mentioned in submission No. [19] (1) As regards the estate of Frau Hedwig Voigt, the application was withdrawn by a statement made by the Agent of the German Government at the hearing of July 18th, 1925, after information had been supplied by the Polish Agent to the effect that the notification concerning this estate had been withdrawn.A STATUE to a Polish war hero is to be erected outside the City Chambers in Edinburgh as the culmination of years of work to have the general who protected Scotland in the Second World War recognised.Read more: Polish war hero who helped guard Scotland tells his story The project for a permanent memorial was launched by Lord Fraser of Carmyllie, who died in 2013, and the General Maczek Memorial Trust was continued by volunteers, including Lord Fraser’s friend Archie Mackay and the peer’s wife Lady Fraser and daughter Katie.We do not pre-moderate or monitor readers’ comments appearing on our websites, but we do post-moderate in response to complaints we receive or otherwise when a potential problem comes to our attention.You can make a complaint by using the ‘report this post’ link .

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