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People born on this day should look to nature and outdoor retreats to assist with relaxation.Your main strengths of character are most obvious in your expressiveness, charisma and confidence allowing you to get noticed, be listened to and stand up for yourself.

The personality weaknesses for those born on July 12th appear to occur more frequently and intensify their strength if you are feeling at all insecure.For a Cancer, the person born on the twelfth day of July is typically reluctant to break away from family for romance and long term commitment.This hesitancy concerning love is accompanied by your touch of idealism in choosing a partner and sometimes overly high expectations from a soul mate relationship.The lucky gemstone for July the twelfth birthdays is Amethyst, wear one to dispel negativity and evoke calmness.The Moon's powerful authority is assumed to be astrologically accountable for the probabilities of Cancer personalities.

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    This may just be one of the most important lessons related to living out the "Purity Code".