Pimp my dating profile

They do a good job following up because sometimes I forget myself and girls slip through the cracks. I travel a lot too and this XXXX service makes my lonely road time entertaining to say the least! In the end, we decided to swipe left on this particular service.

We don’t get paid enough to warrant being a Weekend Cassanova. We don’t need someone else to find the high-quality matches.

What I’m getting at here is the erosion of social skills, the increasing perception that “romantic” matches (read: people to hook up with) are to be served up in an app, and if you can pimp out your profile to get even more of them, then all is fair in love and war.

“We help you with your presentation and social skills through some quick, expert advice that can be used in any situation. You sit in the comfort of your pajamas, and you swipe. Sure, conversing can be tricky at times, having to think of engaging questions to ask or replies to give. What I’m worried about here is that this could be a detriment to our social skills in the long run. As a young single female in a city touted as having more men than women, I can tell you that high-quality interactions and effort are hard to find from men.

We might be setting ourselves on a dangerous course of thinking that, because there is an “Uber-for-dates,” you don’t even need to learn actual social skills.

But on an optimistic note, let’s hope this helps clueless Tinderers get a clue and maybe even inspires them to go flirt in the real world.

Of course, dating profile optimization is nothing new.

Ok Cupid had its “My best face” feature experiment which would surface the alleged best photo you should used as your profile picture.

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