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This allows for admin accounts, user accounts, and staff accounts.Content management software should also provide search engine optimization features, such as SEO-friendly URLS.Thanks to Word Press and other CMS’ under the blog software umbrella, like Joomla, you’re probably already familiar with what these tools do.Word Press has become the most dominant of all content management software with over 50% of the total market share and Joomla being the next closest at just 6%.However, because content management software is a globally applied category, that means e-commerce systems like Magento and Shopify, or forum systems like v Bulletin and PHPBB, are all considered a CMS.Any software that allows content to be managed online is technically a content management system.Although all these systems are designed to allow for the creation, modification, and display of digital content, they don’t all work in the same way.As is the case with e-commerce and forum systems, some CMS’ are designed for other types of unique media such as video content or graphics.

There’s no standard feature-set for content management software.

Most content management software allows you to change the layout of the website, the color scheme, and other basic appearance settings.

Many systems provide themes that can be easily installed to quickly change the entire front-end appearance of the site without having to touch HTML or CSS code.

Many have their own community of developers that contribute to the software by creating free themes and plugins.

Something that’s unique about content management systems is that it’s a broad category that encompasses a wide variety of website management tools, including the most popular of these tools, blog software.

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