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In 2013, his 500 piece Judaica collection was auctioned off for .5 million, the “most valuable auction of Judaica ever held,” Sotheby’s said at the time.

In recent years, Vance’s office has made it a priority to track stolen works — seizing some from museums, private collections or auction houses — and return them to their rightful owners, including in Lebanon, Pakistan and Italy.

He’s just thrilled about her getting ready to sign off on the divorce so that he can get on with his life as well.” As the story goes, George Clooney’s wife Amal introduced Jolie to her “British husband-to-be” during a visit to the U. “Angelina can’t wait to wed and says she’s never been this in sync with someone before,” adds the seemingly made-up source.

“Her goal is to ultimately settle in London with him and the kids. 4 will be her final husband.” It should be noted, the tabloid’s “insider” purports to know just about every detail about Jolie’s relationship except for one important tidbit: the identity of this “millionaire British philanthropist.” The “source” claims to have the rundown on where and when Jolie met this man, every aspect of their wedding, where they plan to live, their shared interests and more.

In 2009, she traveled to Kenya with Feed the Children, as part of Daytime Gives Back.

She remains active with children’s charities and lives in Los Angeles.

The latter sum was spent in 2006 to acquire an 18-inch (45-centimeter)-tall white oil vessel that depicts the figures of a woman and a young boy in a funerary scene dating from around 420 BCE.

So far, no charges have been brought against anyone for possessing the disputed works — which sometimes pass through several hands before reaching owners in New York, the Times said.

Thus, on December 15 three antiques were returned to Lebanon.

Are we really expected to believe the magazine knows all of these details, but not his name?

Additionally, Gossip Cop already debunked a similar version of this phony narrative.

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