Pdiddy dating examples for validating dates in plsql

Rapper and mogul Sean Combs, also known as Diddy, allegedly cheated on his girlfriend Cassie with an unidentified woman.She later gave birth to a baby boy and claims the child was a result of their fling. Many believed Diddy's decision to bring the mother of his four children, Kim Porter, as his birthday date as the reason behind the breakup. The Hip Hop Mogul will received the letter in the mail by Tuesday. Diddy and singer Cassie was together the entire time of his secret affair for 18 months. Diddy and another man will take the same paternity test next month.

So when he and his lady love, Cassie, stepped onto the 2017 Met Gala red carpet on May 1, it was more of a spectacle than anything else."We have a certain type of relationship and it just works the way it is," she explained, and when asked if she believes that marriage is for everyone, she responded, "No.Absolutely not." "I believe in marriage if it's with the right situation, but I feel like, I've seen a lot of people get married and break up in the time that I've been in my relationship," she said. Everybody looks at marriage as something very solid and important, but we have a solid relationship." Love doesn't always have to leave to marriage.But now, it is beginning to appear that the real reason for the relationship's end was due to claims he had cheated on her. Diddy the newborn was 8 months old, but our agent discovered the child is only 2-months old. The dates may be off due to the mother lying on her sheet.Fameolous reports that Diddy asked the woman for a paternity test and it turns out he is NOT the father. She told the center the baby was 8 months but they found out the child is no more than 2 months old. The letter is a rough draft that will be sent out to P. We will re-upload the final versiononce it’s sent out to Diddy.”Diddy just let the world know that he is now back with Cassie, by posting a video on Instagram.

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