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e four fundamental principles aforesaid wl not merely produce a self-explaining n homogeneous language; tut s, a language v one kind or nature or v one cloth, so to speak, but those four principles require also phonetic spelling n a simple n regular grammar.those four principles wl not only serve as guides in construction, but also as a cement, t make e language solid, durable, har- monious, n (- words mutually suggestive n neighbourly helpful, by excluding e many, isolating n solitary facts. if "e ease v e suggestive ac- tion is strong in proportion t e number v tms e word, sign or symbol h on associated m consciousness, tht s, in ex- perience, observation, or memory," thn it follows tht thr must b only one sign (letter) for one sound, n only, one soi^nd for on?hurrah for e language reunification v e teutonic race!it wd b fortunate if e english, german, Scandinavian, n dutch-speaking people, including e belgians, who speak mostly dutch, cd form a language union with austria n Switzerland. introductory irj ^pglish- see "al^jeut'qn U:'.' ,'«f^rfttt.€'.r. thirty easy abbreviations used b, be bn, been e, the h, have hd, had hs, has cd, could cm, come en, can V, ov (of) n, and nsf, etc. it s not necessary lo prove at length tht e foregoing statements are true. amerika price 20 cents; 80 pfenigfe; 75 ore puget sound posteu print.e only way t keep con- sciousness alive is by repeated restamping. wth regard t grammar, we may say tht it shd h few, simple, u regular rules.

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language cannot do ths wth e greatest mental economy n strength in a suggestive ac- tion unless e laws v psychology are obeyed, as concen- trated in "e four fundamental principles" before given thr is no such good language in e world now; hence we must agree upon one e best we en.

all ceutonic children h heard a homogeneous words arm n bone; hence armbone wd b more suggestive than e latin heterogeneous humerus.

secondly, if it b true that "e more mental energy re- quired t master e words, e less mental energy is left for e ideas contained," thn tht again points t a small well-known homogeneous basis, for only such basis re- quires e least mental energy for mastering e words n leaves e greatest surplus mental energy for e ideas con- tained — as armbone for "humerus" n fishlore for "ichthy- — 4 — thirdly, if it b true t'"lansuagp shcl proceed from e known t e unknown.' thn it also points t a small homo- geneous basis, because in e experience v childhood, where ideas oris^inate, only e homcg Dneous native words cd b well-known ones fourthly, if it b trut' that languas'e should proceed from e pimple words t e complex, thn it again follows naturally tht we must build on e homogeneoui, native saxori, Teutonic words, because only tuch words are e simple ones by whc we en build up e higher ones; a?

e germans being so widely scat- tered n so far advanced in culture n so great language — 6 — students.

\l furnish interpretors n teachers v "teutonik" all over e slobe nt once, without prelimdnary study.

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