Overprotective parents dating

Oh, and never stop making her first, this is probably one mom who will come after you, lol.

Once i have gone on a date with my ex-bf and my brother came to noe about this and my bf Know all this things still he is not trying to understand me instead he is saying me that u have meet ur ex-bf many tyms at that time u were not afraid and now it's time to meet me u are afraid ..He is not I recently got pulled over in my brothers car and there was a little pipe in the car and the cop gave me a ticket for unlawful possession of marihuana, ruined my whole summer and they even put the story in the paper with my name and everything.I have been talking to this girl for a while now and we haven't really made anything official but now that her parents saw the newspaper, she is not allowed to see me, talk to me or do anything for the rest of the summer until I leave for college.Everyone has told me just end it and stop talking to her, even she herself said " maybe it's best we just end this" but I can't.....I like her way to much and I couldn't imagine not being able to be with her. Anyway, my suggestion would be to wait until you guys are 18 and therefore, legal adults.

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