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ABDULWAB EL-SALAMI, advisor to dead gold merchant SGT. I can only state that the essence of this message is strictly mutual.

I cannot predict your reaction, you may misconstrue the importance and decide to go public, which will be rather unfortunate.

The Iraq war front apparently extends to Lagos, Amsterdam, Johannesburg, Nevada, Pakistan and Libya. Please assure me of your keeping this topmost secret to protect my job with the US Monitoring and Peace-Keeping mission and kindly furnish me with your full names, occupation, direct phone and any form of ID. Regards, General Barrera Hill TOP Subject: Urgent Please Date: October 21, 2012 Reply-To: [email protected], I contacted you based on the first hand informations I had about you through a (browser on usa residential internet search engine)though my intentions was just seeking for business assistances,but when I saw your email contact something strike my mind to contact you. I would like to share some highly personal classified information about my personal experience and role which I played in the pursuit of my career serving under the U.You shouldn’t trust her.” It’s even there to criticize those close to us: “Why does he even hang out with you?There must be something wrong with him.” Finally, this voice can seem self-soothing, coddling us yet encouraging us to act in ways that our self-destructive, then punishing us for messing up: “Go ahead, have that second piece of cake. DON TONY) COLONEL FARUK, aka ULUNMA AMAKAR BARRISTER AL MOHAMMED EL SAID, Saddam Hussein's Former Legal Adviser JUMAI HADIDI aka YOUSSEF, widow of Republican Guard bureaucrat MS. KRANK KAKI (we do not make these names up) THAMIR ABBAS GHADBAN, "minister of oil" MOHAMMED IBRAHIM, Manager Of The Presidential Palace SGT. STEVE DANIEL FITTE SGT GERALDINE MARCUS, "Engineering military unit" DR OMAN HAMEED NASSER BIN SALIF, banker SGT. Please respond with a confirmation that you have visited the website and that you are keen on learning more. CLEMENT DAVIES, US army BARRISTER GORDON LINCORN, Saddam Hussein's Attorney MISS MARAH SADIJA, Qusay's mistress MR. RICHARD, from Fort Hood, Texas MR HAYES BROWN, social worker AHMED ALI HASSAN, son of Chemical ISRA AL BADER, rich Iraqi orphan RAZIM HARUNA, a businessman MR. JAN CARLOS MANZANO SGT FERRY BAKKER, "Engineering military unit" SGT. ESS SGT JARVIS M REEVES JR, "Engineering military unit" BARR. JONES, "lawyer to Ali Hassan al-Majid" MR MING YANG, banker to Gen. I will be more explicit upon a positive response from you.

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