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Syncs can be configured on an automatic schedule, or simply upon request.

It does not need to be installed (can just be unzipped) and works behind web proxies.

Hi all, I have an Exchange 2010/Outlook 2013 environment and one of my users would like a shared calendar. If this is true does that mean if she leaves and we delete her account, we'll delete the calendar she created? Create it as a public folder calendar - i know MS has killed off public folder in newer versions of exchange, so probably not a good idea. Create a shared mailbox and use the calendar from it.

BUT, I would assume this would store the calendar in the DB as part of her mailbox.

If you own your own domain name, Office 365 hosted Exchange offers a much better sync experience.

At this time, the only way to sync a calendar between Outlook (Windows desktop) and free Gmail email accounts that syncs both ways and allows you to create events in Outlook is using a utility.

I don't want people using the mailbox though, so maybe I could hide it in the GAL and not grant anyone access to the mailbox just the calendar Any suggestions for the best practice?

Outlook4Gmail is a free Outlook add-in providing easy contacts synchronization of your Outlook and Gmail accounts and address books.It deletes old entries from Google calendar and updates new appointments. Allows you to sync one-way with either Outlook or Google as master as well as 2way sync by last changed appointments/events. Companion Link for Mac keeps Outlook for Mac contacts, calendars, tasks, and categories synchronized with either a Google account, smartphone, or tablet.User can Setup Sync Frequency as Hourly, Daily, or Weekly. You can choose your destination in the Settings menu of the software. Contacts Sync - Synchronize Outlook Contacts with Gmail - Freeware and Pro version.Synchronize Microsoft Outlook between multiple PCs using external USB device, shared network folder of FTP. Do you need a solution to sync Outlook and Gmail Calendar and Contacts when Gmail ends Active Sync?Companion Link keeps Microsoft Outlook and your Google account synchronized.

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