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'Pick a route where you know there's a nice pub and, if it's going well, stop off.If it isn't, you can meet your friends afterwards to chew it over' Professional Kiwi living in London, with a great apartment, great friends, great career, globetrotting lifestyle – so on the surface it may seem like I have it all. My dating life, well it’s not something I worry about any more because it has completely transformed.'That's why My Mate Your Date is a brilliant concept: it uses a very modern social media tool but goes back to the traditional method of introducing added feel good factor of giving to charity at the same time! I like men, work with men, and, when I'm out socially, I find them easy to talk to.My problem isn't meeting men, it's finding one with the self-confidence to not be threatened by me. I go on several dates a week now and thanks to what I learnt from Core Evolve, I’ll get the girlfriend that I’ve always wanted in no time at all.

Within 4 sessions Ed helped me meet and date a woman who has now asked me to travel around Europe with her The time I have spent with you has had a massive impact on my personal and professional life.Can truthfully say that he is great at offering guidance and support not only at developing good lifestyle habits but more specifically at dating and meeting women.His encouragement and guidance has helped me overcome the initial nervous barrier when talking to someone new and during times of slow progress, he was very patient with me and continued to provide helpful tips and assistance….. I’m so glad to have you as my coach, not just in dating but for everything!Dating coach Elizabeth Sullivan is more definite with her advice.For her, the best way to handle a post-break up conversation is to do it face-to-face.

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    My friends find me reliable and honest, I have a kind and compassionate heart.