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"I am a sexual object because Kurt loves me, and he's my sexual object too," Goldie once boasted."I wouldn't have it any other way." Early on in the relationship, Goldie took Kurt to see the home she was having built in Pacific Palisades, California."If you ask me, you're more likely to be dumped if you're a trophy wife, because then you'll be traded in for an even shinier trophy," cracks Winter, who at 47 is herself involved with a man 16 years her junior.Greer puts it differently: "If you find somebody intriguing and he seems equally intrigued by you, don't automatically say no just because of a number." Here, a closer look at the female stars who are definitely saying yes. The experience wasn't exactly blissful, according to Kurt. "They were making me sing and dance, do dumb numbers.After all, the thinking went, men that hot could have any young starlet they wanted.Today, few people would look twice at such romances, especially when they involve high-profile Hollywood women who date down in age. Goldie Hawn, 56, has happily cohabited with Kurt Russell, half a decade her junior, for 19 years.

Heartthrob John Travolta, then 22, similarly raised eyebrows when he proclaimed his love for actress Diana Hyland, 18 years his senior.

are common and out in the open now compared to years gone by. that specialize in older women-younger men relationships, he can meet many women who like younger men.

A man who wants to learn how to date older women asks himself where he can meet older women. Dating younger men may feel risky to many older women, whether from past relationships or fear of social stigmatism.

"Eventually our society may accept that you don't have to be young to have a man attracted to you." In fact, older women with younger men is a trend that's gaining mainstream momentum: The most recent U. Census Bureau figures show that in the year 2000, 12 percent of all marriages were between older women and younger men.

Online dating services are also seeing the change: A recent poll conducted by the personals Website showed a majority of male clients were willing to date up in age.

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