Old dark cavern chat

Players cannot jump into the whirlpool with a Summoning familiar.Upon entering the cavern, the player appears on a small platform with stairs to the lower level and can see a mithril dragon off in the distance in another part of the upper level.The player can repair the ring by planting the mushrooms on the "enchanted land" spot near the centre of the ring.After it is restored, players can use it to quickly teleport in and out of the cave.Since mithril dragons, the source of chewed bones, are extremely dangerous to lower-level players, the player should concentrate on finding mangled bones instead.

The biggest dangers in the cavern are the brutal green dragons on the lower level and the mithril dragons on the upper level.

Players should be prepared to be attacked by a brutal green dragon as soon as they descend the stairs to the lower level, and it can use melee, magic, and dragonfire breath.

Inexperienced players can be killed descending the steps if not prepared for dragonfire breath attacks.

A follower cannot be taken into the Ancient Cavern by the whirlpool, but instead, one can use the fairy ring to do so.

This is especially useful for bringing a clan avatar for the 6% experience boost. Instead, they may leave by riding on one of two aged logs that can be found near the waterfiends, or by teleporting out.

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