Norton 2016 not updating via proxy

Windows Quick start is currently OFF, but has also been ON, makes no difference.Norton security No proxy settings, or Proxy settings automatic makes no difference.Since Norton support don't seem to understand the problem, I don't really know where to turn for help, so I came here. I'd already read that thread and tried disabling fast start, and also restarting instead of shutdown / power up. It isn't that the live updates aren't applied, liveupdate just doesn't run unless I run it manually.

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Norton using the Norton removal and reinstallation tool, and everything is the same: still no automatic live updates.. As far as fast start goes, I called it quick start in my note.

Windows 10 is Home 64 bit version 1511 build 10586.318.

Problem is Liveupdate won't run automatically whatever I try.

Scans do happen automatically, regularly according to my settings.

I have reported this twice via live chat, and each time the "helper" took control of my PC, checked the settings, ran a couple of manual liveupdates and said "It is working". One told me that liveupdate only gets updates when it needs them...

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