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Standard Membership Now that I have complemented Euro Girls for having a free basic membership that gives you everything, it is time to point out that you can't do anything before you sign up. Cost to Join: Free, but you have got to purchase credits. Information Required: User name, email, password, Credit Card (or other payment option) to buy credit.Benefits: I am not crazy over the features on Euro Girls This is an impressive site with a very good variety of European webcam hosts, relatively low prices and fantastic galleries.Any cammer that likes to chat with models from Europe will not be disappointed and the site is extremely user-friendly.Payment Methods The following payment methods are currently accepted on Euro Girls I have always been partial to webcam sites that have only one membership. Because it means that they won't charge you extra to access certain features and galleries.There are quite a few, but if you're going to email me and ask me about specific alternative, let me stop you right there. I have never in my life encountered a webcam service that refused to take money from a reliable customer, so I am sure that if you want to pass your cash to the site by some other mean, they will provide you the tools to do so. You sign up for free and you get full access - and so you should.FAQ Euro Girls does indeed have the basic FAQ page and it does indeed include some of the most important things that you need to know.However, it is my humble opinion that this page could be extended a bit and cover some additional topics.

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With approximately 8,000 hosts registered to Euro Girls, this site is on the medium-flirting-with-large size.

User Features The profile pages on Euro Girls Webcam are very nice-looking.

I especially like the high-quality pics and the fact that you can go to each model's wall and see what other users wrote to her.

All pages include: Euro Girls is so easy that I am sure that even those of my readers that email me asking what a web cam is, will succeed in getting around it.

Everything you need is at the top of the home page, except for the FAQ, which is at the bottom.

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