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So she was either pregnant or carried around a fetus just in case she was arrested so she could sue the police department.

She could of overpowered the police and made off with their weapons, while in a pregnant state.

there probably are,....but,....ultimately nothing beyond the fact that she requested medical aid,...actually matters,.... It's the same as the fact that all questioning stops if a person requests a lawyer,..speculation means nothing,..someone claims to need medical attention,..doesn't matter what they think,...really is that cut and dry,....

just natures way and at three months of pregnancy, there would be nothing a hospital could do if she was miscarrying that is what I said.

Only a chump is capable of true compassion for his fellow human beings, right. If you think they murdered a child, then every doctor who performs abortions, or every health practitioner who doesn't do anything when a woman is having a miscarriage should be charged. There are a million other things people need to know about this.

Along with all the women who abuse drugs and alcohol, or partake in dangerous activities should be charged WHEN they miscarriage! Her state of mind, her attitude with the cops...etc, etccrane man,....

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I've read different reports, some saying 3 months, others saying 4.

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