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You can only stop yourself from doing one thing and tell us the consequences of stopping that one thing. "Barred from speaking at graduation, high school valedictorian gave his speech outside"In Covington, Ky., both the graduating valedictorian and student council president at Holy Cross High School learned hours before their graduation ceremony on Friday night that they would not be allowed to deliver their planned speeches at the ceremony, ABC reports.I'll start: I would have gone to my first choice college, instead of of my second choice. So they found a pair of megaphones and delivered them outside.Per Datalounge cliches: Irish men have small cocks. All states from New York to California are fly over country. The only real tops are straight men; all gay men are bottoms. Plus now when you go out to a gay bar everyone is staring at their phones. His brothers have at least that and his father is staggeringly pendulous with bull balls.

The blue coloring represents the Pacific Ocean, the golden poppies at the bottom are a nod to California’s state flower, and the two golden rays on the shield reference the California sunshine.One Danish trans man has made history after winning Mr. This weekend, 44-year-old Niels Jansen broke ground with his win at the annual competition, becoming the first trans Mr. For the competition’s poster component, Jansen chose to bare it all in a nude photograph.Judges asked him about the choice, and Jansen was candid: “The process [of self-acceptance] has been long and draining for me,” he revealed.The three quills seem to be an appropriate addition for the former actress and calligrapher, as they represent “communication and the power of words.” Interestingly, her father-in-law, Prince Charles, also has three feathers on his official royal badge, which appeared on her wedding invitations.There’s a royal influence as well, with the wintersweet flowers that grow at her home of Kensington Palace mixed with the golden poppies.

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