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The Collapse of Major Media If you want to visualize this, imagine a rectangular solid. Therefore, the mind is trained to work in only two dimensions. First, we have the studio image itself, the colors in foreground and background, the blend of restful and charged hues. Then we have the shifting of venue from the studio to reporters in the field, demonstrating the reach of coverage: the planet. Actually, those reporters in the field rarely dig up information on location. The anchor or a field reporter says: “The country is in turmoil.

Then it can’t fathom depth, and it certainly can’t appreciate the fact that the whole rectangular solid moves through time, the fourth dimension. A correspondent standing on a rooftop in Cairo could just as well be positioned in a bathroom in a Las Vegas Mc Donald’s. The managing editor, usually the elite news anchor, chooses the stories to cover and has the final word on their sequence. Parliament has suspended sessions for the third day in a row, as the government decides what to do about uprisings aimed at forcing democratic elections…” Well, the voice must be right, because we’re seeing the pictures.

Washington Intends to Control the Explanations You Receive They’re their own anchors.

Since the dawn of time, untold billions of people have been urging a “television anchor” to “explain the pictures.” The news gives them that precise solution, every night.Bei Adult haben wir tausende Artikel und Mitglieder-Blogs, die sich Sex und Sex-Treffen widmen.Bilde dich zu einer endlosen Zahl erotischer Themen weiter, und erhalte echte Einsichten von Mitgliedern zu Sex-Dating, Fetischen, Swingen, alternativem Dating und noch viel mehr!And then, of course, when the news cuts to commercial, the fake products take over: Sure it’s good, if you want the same thin-context or false-context reporting on events in other countries. I like that.” Yes, the PBS experts are taking Valium, and they’re not drinking as much coffee as the CBS experts.Instead of the two minutes NBC might give you about momentous happenings in Syria, PBS will give you four minutes. Anchors deliver the long con every night on the tube, between commercials.

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