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The soul of the VT1300CX is its 1312cc liquid-cooled 52-degree V-twin engine.It features a single-pin crankshaft, dual balancers and a Programmed Fuel Injection system.Below, we’ll cover all of the detailed specs and features of the 2018 Fury but keep in mind when comparing specs etc that we don’t ride spec sheets so they don’t paint the whole picture of how a motorcycle feels while riding and especially when it comes to the overall ‘experience’ and just how much a bike stirs your soul.The Fury has lived quite the long life without any major changes since its inception except for Honda removing the passenger seat (including psgr foot-pegs) in 2016 to give it more of the custom solo ‘look’.A membership in the HRCA is one more way to expand and enhance that riding experience.

We’re not done with new motorcycles from Honda for 2018 though as we’ve got (2) more model announcements taking place within the next two months. The 1st major manufacturer production chopper introduced into the motorcycle market dating back to 2010.It produces satisfying performance and a truly impressive V-twin sound and feel.Fuel consumption is low and, with a clean, reliable, maintenance-free shaft drive, owners can be sure of spending more time on the road and less in the garage.American Honda introduced today a new membership format for the popular Honda Riders Club of America.Effectively immediately, new Members may join the HRCA free of charge.

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