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Africa is also a destination for historical tourism where there is a rich history and memories of the primitive life,” explains Dr. However, much remains to be done to truly boost the growth of this industry in Africa, starting with the development of adequate and functional transport infrastructure and services. El Messaoudi, Africa should develop its infrastructure and promote security and democracy, in addition to adopting modern marketing strategies based on leading research centers in the field.African countries, according to the same expert, must also encourage South-South cooperation to promote the local tourism on the continent.With a 38% growth compared to 2015, the Chinese market is now one of the most important for South African tourism, behind the usual leaders of Great Britain, the United States, and Germany.The growth in the number of tourists arriving from China is mainly linked, according to Derek Hanekom, the Minister of Tourism, to the improvement of the visa process.An Analysis of Seat Capacity for the Top Ten International Airports in Africa, produced by Forward Keys reveals that there has been stand-out performances from Tunisia and Egypt, which are recovering from the outcomes of the revolution, up 33.5% and 24.8%, respectively.In addition, Morocco and Tunisia received a huge boost in arrivals from China, up 450% and 250%, respectively, after they relaxed visa restrictions.

The tourist characteristics of Africa lie in the wide variety of points of interest, the diversity, and variety of landscapes, as well as the rich cultural heritage.

Each culture has evolved to develop its own music, its own forms of art and traditional rites, while the descendants of settlers have evolved on the basis of variations of their European roots.

According to the South African Ministry of Tourism, China was, in 2016, the market of having grown the most in the tourism sector of the country.

The one disappointment is Nigeria, which has seen a 0.8% drop in the wake of recession in 2016, caused by a collapse in the oil price to a 13-year low.

Historic vestiges such as the Egyptian pyramids, the rock churches of Ethiopia, the South African Robben Island Prison where Nelson Mandela stayed for 27 years, or the island of Gorée in Senegal, a symbol of the memory of the slave trade in Africa, as well as safari parks and other grandiose landscapes (Victoria Falls, Sahara desert) are all assets that make the African continent an increasingly coveted tourist destination.

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