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Then I placed my middle finger directly on the center of her asshole. I wanted her to relax so I rubbed my finger in a massaging motion coating her cute anal hole with her own cunt juice. I applied more pressure on her asshole and my finger slipped into her tight little bottom. I had Nancy constantly moaning by the time I finally withdrew and helped her sort of half kneel up. Then I moved my hand back to her cunt slipping three fingers in and out of her. My fingers were half way in and her cunt was stretching open wide to take them.“Is this making you feel real dirty? I licked her pucker hard so she knew I wanted a taste of her ass.

I pushed easily making her feel the pressure of my finger and letting her know I wanted to feel inside her sexy little butt hole. “Relax Nancy,” I encourage in a soft calming voice. Each time I entered I used a different three fingers until my whole hand was covered in pussy juice. Please…”She could feel my fingers burrowing hard into her wet pussy. Then I leaned down to whisper in her ear as I wiggled my fingers deeper in her cunt.“Do you like that.” “Do you like me treating you like a dirty little slut? Meeeeeeeeee………”At the same time I tried getting underneath to lick her clit.

Then I started going higher squeezing and massaging her thighs right up to the edge of the towel that covered her rear end. I was expecting any second to hear her complain that I was getting too personal with her.

I was getting rather turned on feeling her warm skin and was beginning to get a bit bold. My hands went up under the towel again, only this time I went a bit too far and my two thumbs brushed up into her crotch right at the edge of her panties.

By the time I finally yanked my hand out she must have cum five times in succession.

And she was till wildly moaning out telling me to keep fucking her. Before I could get my fingers entangled in her hair, she had my cock between her lips. She was moaning out her enjoyment as her tongue licked at my hard cock each time it slid deep in her mouth.

Her back looked so soft and smooth that I could barely wait to feel her flesh. “Are we all ready Nancy,” I asked.” “Yes I am,” she whispered talking into the table matting.“Just relax and enjoy yourself.”I began massaging her neck with my fingers and then working my way down her back. Not being able to see under the towel I was sure I was getting close to touching her panties.

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”“Yes” “Don’t stop.” “Don’t stop.”I pulled the towel off her rear end. I gently spread her legs apart and could see her pussy actually dripping juices onto the table.

I own this small massage boutique in a fairly affluent town.

I have two girls that work for me and they were getting ready to leave.

Nancy was moaning continually and begging me to make her cum. ” And I backed away.“Ohh, Fuck Yes…,” she cried out pushing back with her ass trying to get my fingers in deeper. All of my fingers were now inside her as my knuckles continued gouging through the flesh of her stretched cunt.“I’m gonna fuck you Nancy.” “I’m gonna fist fuck you like a filthy whore.” And I pushed hard penetrating her body completely as I stuffed my whole hand up her juicy little twat.“OOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH,……. ” “I’……M….” Cu……mmmmmmmm……iin…..ggggggggg……..“Ohhhhhh, Gooooooodddddddd,….. Nancy was cumming so hard that she was nearly in tears.

I formed all of my fingers together positioning them right on her cunt. When I said the word “slut” I thought she was going to cum right then. I started pushing deeper in her cunt and feeling the wetness inside her hole.

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