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It does not make sense that if the drug is undetectable he should need to change glasses at all.

It is not credible that after ransacking the house the police left 2 dirty glasses sitting on the coffee table when they should have been used as evidence.

It does not make sense that Laura gets a taxi to the restaurant but walks home.

It does not make sense that she simply does not use her own phone to call a taxi rather than let Andrew inside.

But if Liar's raison d'etre is indeed entertainment then its choice of subject material and its treatment of it immediately also makes it at least partly propaganda supporting a particular world viewpoint.

In less than 20 years these monumental achievements have been almost totally undone by social media/the internet, allowing the former foundations of society to be totally bypassed and replaced by mob hysteria by the masses on an hourly, even minutely basis.

Therefore we know before the opening credits roll that the man MUST be at fault and so with its forgone conclusion Liar can never be a "thriller" or a "mystery" or a "whodunit". It is a bit like someone telling you the score in the big game and then sitting down to watch it - once you know the ending you don't really care who scored what, when and how, it is all a bit of a yawn.

It is good to see that the program was made with the assistance of various rape related agencies.

It is not credible that the man who is so aghast when he finds out the truth about Denis, has within 30 minutes changed, Jekyll and Hyde like, into a psychopathic serial sex maniac.

It is not credible that Laura is so stupid as to make accusations on social media or to break into Andrew's home.

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