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And got married, but his parents have already made plan for his whole future for him. He believes that Nadech only want to hurt his sister, and he won’t let him. When it will not appear in one of the episodes you will have a sense of lack inexplicable.He is the friend by excellence and you hath he head of the the fact that the friendship boy/girl does not exist.

It is attached to it and to all the characters that she loves just because it makes them more human.It is any young and discovers well despite it the feeling of love.It does not even realize, leaving the viewer the discover in its place.Then, he knows to new love, fight against this feeling before the accept. We guessed as soon as his great affection for the girl.Nothing in him do you really offended if this is its inability to take a real decision. It could well have been invented by Cornelius himself as long he is torn between the love and honor throughout the lakorn. First Ekkapong interprets the character the sweeter and the most striking of the lakorn. he wants to that of the well and fold to four for it.

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