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Yet hundreds of nurses are still being recruited from the Philippines by NHS trusts, because of a massive shortfall of staff.On Recto Avenue in downtown Manila are stalls openly offering fake nursing degrees, education records, diploma pictures, police clearance to work overseas, passports, driving licences and birth and marriage certificates. When I visited Recto Avenue, dubbed ‘Xerox Alley’, a fixer for the forgers went through a list of documents I would require to become qualified, including a degree certificate, police clearance to work overseas and employment certificates and references.

He managed to obtain all the documents he needed to work abroad for £43 - including a fake graduation photo In March 2013, the council imposed a temporary recruitment freeze on foreign nurses amid fears that workers could have faked documents to get jobs here.I usually go to VJ Textile on the left side of the street (this is next to a store that sells shoes) for my upholstery needs and for my blackout curtains.The street vendors also have blackout curtains but the price is usually the same and VJ Textile has more color variety.Like the basement of SM Megamall, Glorietta 4 below the food court, has its own cluster of fabric stores.I love graphic fabrics and there is this store that carries a wide range of Moda Japanese Fabric for P300/yard and up (although I can’t remember its name.) If you’re looking for fine leather and leatherette, every color of linen or cotton fabrics for your upholstery and curtain needs, this is the place to go.

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