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Check out her NSFW pictures of moaning girl below: Vietnamese food is pretty decent, but as is typical for the Asian cuisine it does not contain a lot of protein: expect to lose some weight.

Try the Phở, a noodle soup with various cuts of beer and onions.

Home Ministry officials did not describe where on their bodies they received the strikes, but authorities have previously said that the caning of women would be done with a thin stick on the back - not the buttocks.

The punishment for women is supposed to be largely symbolic rather than aimed at causing pain, unlike the caning of rapists and drug smugglers with a thick rattan stick on bare buttocks that causes the skin to break and leave scars.

They say all Asians look the same but there are in fact a lot of differences between the Asian girls from different countries, both in looks and personalities.

They all come from diverse cultural backgrounds which have a big impact on their characters.

These snatchers work fast and before you realize it they’re gone again."On the day I was caned, I was scared but, at the same time, I knew I deserved it and was willing to take the punishment," said 25-year-old 'Ayu'."Those out there who are having sex before marriage should really consider the consequences and not only think about momentary pleasure." 'Ayu', who has a one-year-old daughter with her boyfriend, and the two other women handed themselves into authorities to face the punishment.This is in sharp contrast with Vietnamese people in general, who came across as very stubborn and resolute.The street vendors won’t take no for an answer; if you don’t buy anything they will keep persisting, if you i Phone Snatchers I was filming Fisto with his i Phone as he walked fearless through a sea of passing motorbikes (this is the only way to cross a street in Saigon) when a motorbike drove right by me; and his random Vietnamese passenger tried to grab the i Phone from my hands as I was filming.

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