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Contrary to its rugged appearance, the American Bobtail is not a "wild" cat, but descends from naturally occurring bobtailed cats found in the wild.In other words, you will not find any bobcats (Felis rufus or Lynx rufus) in an accepted breeding program.The notion that ticked cats were imported here, there, and everywhere is a rather provincial idea.There is little or no doubt that Abyssinian cats developed in England, for there is no record of any Abyssinian cat imported there.Due to this they are mostly used as pest controllers in the rural areas.

According to the story, two cats with unusual curled ears wandered up to the doorstep of cat lovers, Joe and Grace Ruga.

However, one of them disappeared soon after they were seen together.

The other, a longhaired black cat that Ruga named Shulamith, which means "black but comely", stayed with them.

They are very social and communicate well with others.

Due to their lively nature they can easily draw the attention of others.

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