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In her teens, she was one of the most promising actresses in the world and was offered big parts opposite John Wayne, Richard Burton and other major stars, all of which she turned down.Instead, her big films have been few and far between, and have included such forgettable pictures as Death on the Nile, a remake of Lost Horizon and, more recently, an appearance as Norman Bates's mother in Psycho IV. "You have to understand that I grew up with the whole world watching.FOR thousands of adoring fans, Olivia Hussey will always be a 16-year-old beauty in a tight bodice who aches with desire in iambic pentameter.Thirty-five years after Franco Zeffirelli chose her to star in his film adaptation of Romeo and Juliet, she still receives letters from breathless boys who have seen the film at school and fallen hopelessly in love with her. With her soulful eyes and dark, silky hair framing a perfectly oval face, she is ravishing in the part.On the contrary, she wears her years very well indeed.When we meet under the vast, opulent dome of a nearly deserted restaurant in Beverly Hills, I'm struck by how little she has changed.What I can't see is the dour Mother Teresa."I've wanted to play her for 20 years," Hussey says, in a soft but determined tone.

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Looking into her big brown eyes, I can see the playful but vulnerable Juliet.

He and my mother divorced when I was only two." A popular singer in Buenos Aires, Andreas Osuna did not follow his English wife, Joy, when she took little Olivia and son Andrew to London.

Without the father's support, the family struggled.

Though other actresses have spoken the lines with greater skill, it is the young Hussey who can make a modern lad believe that Juliet was worth dying for.

But her adolescent admirers may be dismayed to learn that the screen goddess of 1968 is now 50 and a mother of three.

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