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The Truth About Saipan So, with that said, here is my truth about Saipan: Saipan is overcoming a branding challenge.

If you call yourself a "realist" (generally a pessimist in disguise), then things generally tend toward the negative with the disclaimer that you're just being real.

Historical significance—Without needing to glorify war and violence, it stands as fact that Saipan was key battle site during World War II. Those of us who actually live and work on Saipan know this to be truth. " Ultimately, the only way to discover the truth about Saipan, is to come see for yourself!

It's been said the cold war started in Tinian, the island just 3 miles south of Saipan! But it would be wise to heed the moral of this story: Once upon a time, a person moved into a new town and asked one of the town residents, "What are the people in this town like?

Walt's Agenda So, with that said, what's MY agenda?

As the author of several passionpreneur books, and as evidenced by the title of my weekly column, my agenda is to encourage people to start their own businesses based on their passions. One is to help ALL peoples optimize their assets, achieve empowerment, and maintain control over the things that matter to them.

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