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' that we forget to tell you we recognize what a tremendous amount of time an effort has gone into creating this! Jo Ann A year or so ago I was visiting a friend here in San Francisco.

On his refridgerator was an old postcard showing a TV organist from western Pennsylvania. I walked down the 5th St side, across the Baynard St side on my way to school every school day. I left there in 1959 to continue my 7th,8th and 9th grade education at Warner Junior High. Marianne Craig Connie - Mickey, Didn't the Little Sister's compound cover the whole block between 4th, 5th, Bancroft Pkwy, & Bayard Avenue?

And, where did the statue go after the Hare's Corner diner was through with it? Bruce Wilmington, USA - Sunday, August 29, 2004 at (EDT) I don`t really know what their building looked like. ralph pryor The 'Merryland' closed to later become an 'Antique Car Museum', which closed and was demolished. There was also an automobile turn-off rest area in that same location which became a 'parking spot' and then a 'hangout' for 'undesirable types'. I guess I never went outside the building when I was there, 'cuz I don't remember it being on the water... MARIO , I PLAYED AT THE JAZZ CELLAR JUST ONE NIGHT. NIGHT(THAT WAS STATE LIQUOR LAW THEN) JIM TERMINE WAS CO OWNER OF THE CELLAR. GIVING UP THE , IT, S YOUR NICKLE RADIO SHOW WHICH HE HAD DONE FOR ABOUT SIX. In the early 1970s I saw Joe Pyne on a late night talk/interview television show in Los Angeles. ralph pryor Hi Jo Ann, There was a lot of discussion about Joe Pyne a couple of months ago, you can check back through the archives for (about) springtime, and I'm sure you'll find all of that information - where his shows were broadcast from, etc. You had to go down a flight of stairs and then entered this darken room. TAKE CARE RICHARD, AND BY THE WAY, I LOVE YOUR MOVIES 1 RALPH RALPH PRYOR Larry, I remember the song MISTER THOMAS PLEASE PROMISE WE'LL NEVER PART. It was a song that was played constantly on the jute box as my family took a ride on the Wilson Line to Philadelphia. Burton Hi Pat, I was born and raised in the 40 acres right across from st. BILL WAS A DARN GOOD CLARINET PLAYER BACK IN THE MID. OH YES, I STILL REMEMBER MY FIRST JOB , IT WAS AT SACRED HEART CHURCH HALL, AT 8TH. Maybe the actual door was removed and replaced but the coffee pot outline was saved.

It had a huge stone wall all around it with one opening for deliveries or what ever. It was in the next block from St Thomas mickey USA - Sunday, August 29, 2004 at (EDT) If my memory is right, I believe the Little Sisters of the Poor were in back of St Patrick's Church at 13th & King even before they were at 5th and Grant. I suppose I didn't want to have anything to do with water while I was there; it rots wood and rusts iron-- look what it'll do to your stomach! Bill Fisher Who remembers the bar/club called "Frenchtown" down on an arm of the Chesapeake just a bit south and west of Glasgow, in Maryland? BUT HEAR THIS JO ANN , JIM TOOK JOE PYNES PLACE AFTER JOE RECEIVED A GREAT OFFER OUT IN CALIF. Larry Roszkowiak (Rush) I was born and raised in the flats on Grant Ave what is now called Bancroft Parkway. My uncle Ben Mitchell drone no 5 trolley out Monroe st to Newport from the early 29`s til he retired. I RECALL YOU GRAND DAD PICKING UP MY DAD IN A SNOW PLOW IN FRONT OF OUR HOME THEY SANDED THE STREETS HALF THE NIGHT. :) Bruce Wilmington, USA - Saturday, August 21, 2004 at (EDT) And, Mitch Thomas broadcasted live from a club (his own club?? Our five pice combo had one job down there and after our session, we thought we had reached the pinacle of success. I REMEMBER YOUR GRAND DAD ALWAYS HAD A JOKE TO TELL MY DAD. My brother and I were just discussing this last month. Anns church, went to the school infact the grade school is having a school reunion, if any one went to and did not hear about the reunion write back--I think it is only some of the classes maybe say the class of 51-54 lets just say early 50's Joe USA - Thursday, August 19, 2004 at (EDT) HI PAT LEVAN, THANK, S FOR INVITING ME BACK ON THE GUEST BOOK . 50, S AND EARLY 60, S HAD A POPULAR DANCE BAND CALLED THE TORMENTORS. Also, I believe there was another restaurant located there between the time it was the Chuck Wagon and the current Italian Bistro. It's an old one, but I tried it and it still works.

So all the visitors stood outside the hospital and talked to the kids through the open windows. Incidentally, I graduated from Wilmington High in 1951.there any other alum from that year reading these pages?

I was shocked to learn from this web site that an old, dear friend, Warren Beh, died over the weekend. Even in those days, Warren always tried to do the right thing despite his frequent assessment that "The world is going to hell in a handbasket." In fact, I believe we were distantly related. Joe Mosbrook Re: Polio- sure do remember the sprayings (both by truck and aircraft), iron lungs and the Doris Memorial Unit... Bissell, originator of Christmas Seals and a leader in the fight against tuberculosis, was a Delawarean? Bill Fisherw Re:: Polio: I can remember during the middle 40's as a kid, standing by the curbs at 6th & Bancroft Pky when the DDT spray trucks would pass by - I can recall that odor even today!

He and Chrissie were inseparable even at school dances.

His name was Larry "Lamborghini." It appeared to have been an earlier incarnation of Mr. Larry Roszkowiak (Rush) Marianne, I'm a graduate of #30 School (Class of 1947! I don`t know where they moved them to but heard it is apartments now. I remember it being there from the mid 40's on, I don't know about earlier.

) I can still remember some of the teachers there: Miss Michener, Miss Darby, Miss Taylor, Miss Feldmeier, Mrs. Does anyone remember Hagee's Tavern along the Brandwine,not a patron myself,a little too young,at the time, but I grew up in the neighborhood. I haven`t been back there since sometime in the 90`s mickey USA - Sunday, August 29, 2004 at (EDT) Thanks, Bob. I usually check out the main page pretty good before I enter something on these pages, but have to admit that I never took a look on this subject. ALSO GO TO PHOTO ALBUMS AND CLICK ON BEFRORE 1975 THE 1ST PICTURE WOULD BE THE VIEW THAT THE KING SAW WHEN HE WAS THERE. BOB USA - Sunday, August 29, 2004 at (EDT) Does anyone remember Shortledge School(#30)at Concord Ave. Bruce Wilmington, USA - Sunday, August 29, 2004 at (EDT) Here's some questions that may be new, or at least not talked about for a good while: Stoeckle Beer had a brewery at 5th & Adams Sts., wasn't there also another brewery (Kreuger?

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