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I've been a bit MIA from social media lately and just living life to the fullest. The actor not only has kept his wedding confined but also has kept his better half's details out of the limelight as well. Though the actual event of their love life has been kept private, the link up proved to be true after they were spotted together in vacations and events.

2016 has been an amazing year and I thank God for all that he has blessed me with. I am so blessed to have her in my life and so blessed that I never settled for anything less. This fact alone has raised questions if he married her or not. She needed to fix her binding and like a gentleman I offered to help, but she said, " Thanks, but I got this! Caption: Kayla Ewell and Kellan Lutz together at the NYLON Magazine Party, California (2008) Lutz and Kayla were doing fine and were brushing their career respectively by working in Blockbusters series “ The Vampire Dairies” and “The Twilight,” but the relationship is said to have collapsed in 2008, after two years of affairs without specifying any particular reasons.

He said: Well, with so many relationships in prior dates, one can pretty much assume about the Casanova, and charismatic personality Lutz holds.

And he loved me so much." The 29-year-old went on to explain that though Lutz adored her, she wasn't able to trust him due to her experience with abuse—a fact that she wasn't able to figure out until years later.The relationship between the pair lasted exactly for around three years and ended in 2013.Caption: Kellan Lutz and Sharni Vinson at the event of Marquee The Star Sydne (2012) It looks like after dating several actresses; Lutz tried his dating luck on an American Model Brittny Ward with whom his relationship initiated in 2014 and abruptly ended in 2015.The biggest blessing has been finding the love of my life and the ONE he has promised me. She is my best friend and the best teammate to shine brighter with. For all of you out there looking for love, don't settle for anything less then His best. After all, he did say that he wants to be engaged for a couple of years before starting a whole new life. Kayla is currently married to American actor Tanner Novlan since November 12, 2015.It's truly mind blowing to surrender to Him and see the blessings he has in store. Thank you for loving me the way that you always do. Immediately after break up with Kayla, Lutz is said to have dated the American actress, Anna Lynne Mc Cord.

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