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Now to the explanation: On line 3, the split() method is used to split the input string at all dots (or periods).This saves each value on either side of any dots into an Array.Inside the loop, each array value is checked against 5 criteria. The is Finite() and is Na N() functions both check for legal numbers.Both are used to make 100% sure the value is a number.The variable ip[0] is the first number, ip[1] is the second, ip[2] the third, & ip[3] the fourth.If you wanted to invalidate all ip addresses that start with 192.168, you could do something like this: You could modify this to filter out any numbers you don't want.

A two part address, convenient for specifying a class A address, puts the leading part in the first byte and the trailing part in the right-most three bytes of the network address.It's because parsing an IP address is just as simple, if not simpler, with string manipulation functions than with a complicated regular expression because of its uniform and constant format (4 numbers separated by 3 dots).Many have tried using a regular expression to validate an IP address only to finally arrive at the conclusion that string manipulation was the easier Finite() returns true for a legal number, is Nan() returns false for a legal number.That is why the is Finite() function has an exclamation point in front of it (!

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