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CHIRIŢA, Elena, AŞEVSCHI, Valentin, CRIVOI, Aurelia et al. 127-133Quality of the environment in Moldova plays an important role in determining the health of the population, especially children.

Impactul poluării apei asupra sănătăţii populaţiei din Republica Moldova. Revista ştiinţifică de educaţie, spiritualitate şi cultură ecologică. Risks that confronts the rising generation requires joint efforts from the Ministries of Health and Environment, and government institutions that touch on this issue, local authorities, businesses, population, etc.

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A stone sceptre, from the late Bronze Age, belonging to the Coslogeni culture was found on the marshes' southern bank.

Galați town itself developed from an ancient Dacian settlement of the sixth and fifth centuries BCE where there was a ford across the Danube river.

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The name "Galați" is derived from the Cuman word galat.

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