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So the people believe intelligence agents are everywhere.In contrast to Syria’s Mahabharata, the Iranian intelligence operation is far more sophisticated.They see stories of people who died in Yemen and Syria and people say, ‘[The] government is sending our kids and putting their hands in places we don’t have business being there.’” This is in reference to Iran’s involvement in Syria and its support for Shi’ite militias in Lebanon, Yemen and Iran.

Iranian society is eating itself alive, Helobi says. There is also a major contrast between the publicly enforced theocracy on the streets and Iranians at home in Tehran. When you walk on the street it looks like many people are high.” He claimed that the prevalence of drug use, which has been a multi-decade problem in Iran, has dulled people from the social problems and provided them an outlet not to focus on economic issues.It doesn’t release the casualty figures, but Helobi said that many people expressed frustration with Iran’s policy of involvement in foreign wars. Since December 28, Iran has been rocked by protests in cities and towns across the country.From the Kurdish regions in the west to the far-east Mashhad, from Rasht near the Caspian Sea to Bandar Abbas on the Persian Gulf, protesters have taken to the streets to shout slogans against Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and to express their anger about the national poverty while the government wastes money in wars abroad.They are afraid of the government catching them, spying on them on Instagram and Facebook. This would be modeled on Assad’s decision to release extremists from prisons to discredit the rebellion.And they are afraid to speak anywhere.”Helobi compared the Iranian regime to Syria’s Bashar Assad government. Syrian rebel groups and former Syrian regime officials have alleged this happened in the summer and fall of 2011 during the build-up to the Syrian civil war.

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