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More worryingly, Japan’s national age of consent of 14 indicates that sex with minors is implicitly accepted by Japanese society.A symbolic change in the law has allowed Japanese mothers to sleep easily, but their husbands are still chasing their daughters.Many describe this craving as “tamaranai”, an “uncontrollable attraction”, which hardly seems to excuse the fact that they’re exploiting girls their daughter’s age.“Lorikon” (Lolita complex) and “bura-sera” (the erotic fascination with schoolgirls) are crucial aspects of modern Japanese sexuality.It’s easy to understand why middle-aged men want to have sex with young girls. Japan has always been a country where external appearances are important.Traditionally, social prestige has been held in material symbols (samurai’s swords and hairstyles, exclusive aristocratic colours), and nothing has changed., the British Government's Electronic Communications Act 2000 has set a deadline of 19th July 2001 by which time 'Trust Service Providers' will need to have submitted proposals for the implementation of the of South Africa, who are a global provider of digital certificate solutions, are in a strong position to become the principal provider in the UK.Thawte doesn't just provide 'no cost' personal digital certificates, but also operates a unique Personal Certification System.

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Bura-sera also drives the thriving trade in used panties.Sanity was restored by an number of serious studies, which found that only 5-13% of girls had ever taken part in enjo kosai.Interestingly, one study also found that 75% of girls had been offered money for “dates” by older men.They compensated for this sluggishness with an amazing bout of hysteria.Astonishingly, it was the kogals who faced the most criticism.

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