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This is because the Lua JIT bytecode format may be incompatible between different Lua JIT versions.

When the bytecode format is incompatible, you will see a Lua runtime error saying that the Lua module is not found.

Back to TOC This module embeds Lua, via the standard Lua 5.1 interpreter or Lua JIT 2.0/2.1, into Nginx and by leveraging Nginx's subrequests, allows the integration of the powerful Lua threads (Lua coroutines) into the Nginx event model.

It is discouraged to build this module with nginx yourself since it is tricky to set up exactly right.

Also, the stock nginx cores have various limitations and long standing bugs that can make some of this modules' features become disabled, not work properly, or run slower. Open Resty includes its own version of Lua JIT which gets specifically optimized and enhanced for the Open Resty environment.

Similarly, if using the standard Lua 5.1 interpreter with ngx_lua, Lua compatible bytecode files must be generated using the , ngx_lua will buffer the output of and ngx.print calls and also postpone sending response headers until all the response body output is received.

At that time ngx_lua can calculate the total length of the body and construct a proper files as building nginx ngx_lua.

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