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Julsrud, a prominent local German merchant, also found statues ranging from less than an inch to six feet in length depicting great reptiles, some of them in ACTIVE ASSOCIATION with humansgenerally eating them, but in some bizarre statuettes an erotic association was indicated.To observers, many of these creatures resembled dinosaurs.Whether Julsrud was hoaxed is something Patton intends to pursue, although he thinks not.

The mystery shrouding these artifacts prompted scientists to unravel the scenes behind each narrative.

Young-Earth creationist Don Patton discussed the subject of the Acambaro dinosaurs at Septembers meeting of the Metroplex Institute of Origin Science (MIOS).

He has journeyed to Acambaro to view and photograph some of the artifacts, and he agrees with Lewis that this spells doom for evolution. Don was gracious enough to provide me with copies of some of his photos, which we reproduce here.

By John Blanton Dinosaurs went missing about 65 million year ago. And if people and dinosaurs lived contemporaneously? In 1944 an accidental discovery of an even more controversial nature was made by Waldemar Julsrud at Acambaro, Mexico.

What if dinosaurs were still around as late as 6500 years ago. If all you had were something that looked like human footprint alongside dinosaur footprints you might be inclined to shop further. A paper titled Archeological cover-ups by David Hatcher Childress describes the discovery of the Acambaro dinosaur figurines.

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