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But I can tell you that I believe in you, that I think you’re beautiful, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with you.

To my fellow LGBTQIA friends, you’re beautiful and perfect just the way you are.

Don’t EVER let anyone tell you that you need to be straight or the gender you were born with to be ok with God.

I love you very much and I hope that maybe one day we can all sit down together to have a drink and be fucked up together.

Cut to when I was a teenager and learning how to masturbate.

So if anything, my story should provide anecdotal evidence that purity culture doesn’t always produce the results they’re hoping for.Especially when your best friend comes over for sleepovers and you spend the night touching her body and kissing her neck.I didn’t know what being gay or queer was back then, but I knew that I loved her as much as I loved the cute guy in my youth group. All those phrases drilled into my head from a young age haunted me: “you’re dirty,” “you’re impure,” “no man will want you now,” “you’re damaged,” “you’re a slut.” Purity culture isn’t just some cutesy romantic ideal that protects you from pain.*** by Joshua Harris originally came out in 1997, when I was ten and Joshua was twenty-three, although I didn’t read it until I was in college.I’m aware of the fact that a twenty-three-year-old is going to say some laughably naïve things about relationships, and I think that Joshua might be aware of that, too.

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