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But as the season progressed, I started to be attracted to the larger genitalia of the other players.This might have been because I was embarrassed by my smaller dick and was impressed seeing their cocks and balls swinging in the shower, and I really enjoyed looking at them.We practiced at a local high school which gave us access to their locker and shower facilities, so long as we weren’t there when any school events were being played.Our practices were on Tuesday and Thursday evenings after work, with our games being played on Saturday mornings.The first practice I participated in on a Tuesday was very grueling for me, since I hadn’t been active like that for so long.I was very sweaty and dirty afterwards and decided to take advantage of the showers.

I didn’t know any of my teammates, but I was fortunately able to utilize my experience and good eye-hand coordination developed playing baseball in high school to make the team.

My name is Ed, and at the time of this story we were both 35 years old and had two kids, a daughter 11 years old and a son 9.

I was recently transferred to another engineering group in my firm, and my new department had a team in a local softball league that was mostly comprised of teams from other companies in the oil and gas industry.

And of course I didn’t think that my teammates saw me looking at them that way.

By the end of the season and the start of summer, it had become an obsession for me to look at my friends’ cocks, even though I was actively dating girls.

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