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Knowing this would give a favorable percentage to the user; he wouldn't always win on every spin, but would come out a winner in the long run.The "takes" are opposite each other (for example, opposite the "T2" is a "T3").There are videos, ceramics, drawings, sculptures, paintings, and works on paper.Both artists recently completed six-week research residencies in Washington DC.Taken collectively, these books give both glimpses and deep insights into the lives of these intertwined artists who reach out alone, together.All life experience, as the Valamaneshes show, can in the hands and minds of sentient beings turn into creativity.

If it landed T1, T2 or T3, the player who spun it would win (take) 1, 2 or 3 chips, respectively, from the pot.

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Justin Michell Kevin Cook Gerrit Veldhoen You Tube videos about Put & Takes and other spinning tops: fine 7.5 minute video showing wide variety of tops and spinners, even a few Put & Takes.

app for i Phone/i Pod to put your own sides/commands on a digital spinner, thus making your own game.

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