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Check out on the web and you will find many complaints about how they rip people off and hurt people. When I received it, I noticed the bottle was smaller than a 12 oz container I had purchased at a pharmacy.

I have spoken with one of the very few legitimate company's selling 35 % hydrogen peroxide out of Texas, which practices both ethically and legally as a business and cares about the health of its customers, which you can see for yourself by just giving them a call.

Someone always answers the phone during business hours and is very helpful and courteous. After reading several complaints regarding Guardian of Eden, I wanted to comment that I've been using this company for the purchase of 35% food grade h2o2 for the last couple of years and have received excellent service from them.

The product(s) have always been packaged well with no leakage problems and they have always arrived within the expected delivery date.

Thank you Guardian of Eden for providing a great product with great service! They have been harassing us for years, spreading lies on the internet in an effort to hide their terrible customer service record and poor quality products.

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