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Continental- \ readies flights \ HOUSTON (UPI) - Continental I Airlines, still waiting on lis request \ for a court order to force .

'_ BUHL --rr AOulstianbarvest concert will be liddal? Oct 30, at (be Buhl First Christian ' Oiurd L Gn»qia -or indlvlt&ials wishing to participate sbould coll Faye . Scrlabln, Copland, Grlfres soloist wl Ui many college, service and ^ ond GJazonouv: - professional bands and orchestras. Nelwirth also has performed to rave notices in Ncw York and won several By WILLETTA WARBERG Times-news arts critfc TWIN FALIJ -The muslcof ~" " Lucivlg van Beethoven, Gabriel Faure, Camillc Saint-Saens, Edvard Grelg and Kmo von Dohnanyt-was-^- - perfor med M onday evenlnff bya newly formed chamljcr music ensemble, The Renaissance Siring Trio. " The program was prepared specially for the Twin Falls Music Club's monthly concert. Department of Housing & Urban Development' 419 Curtis Road - Boise, Idaho 83704 « ATTtt ACn Vl Pm Cl» ■ MAa TATl HMft . PATMIMT « to W IF YOU ARE Inlomototl In' owing a VIIIb Do I RIo pfo- ' parly and hnvo a 2 badroom singio wldo mobllo homo, wo would bo wlllino to Irado your oqully In inobllo homo, lor down poymonl.

Vbvard at 5I34I31 or Judy Jagles at -54M980faefore Od.-18.' mliyl. Itwas .presented at the Renaissance Academy of the Arts In Twin Falls.

chccsc/-afld fruit; eating, together Is a sign of peaceful Inten- tions in ttiei^pbworid.

' "After serious constructive' discussions, , fu U .

" "Protection that will be afforded to : venue areas la going to be voy. barbed wire fence around parts of Bangladesh to sti^ Fllg W ft Hfnrtnn*««*rtgtnallyhadvowod to walkott ttelr ^iuggai immigrmita entering Assam state U^ Jobs early Ihunday If the unktn and Eastern had not inunigrant riots left 4,000 people dead last Fdnuary, readied a tentative agnemeat the TImesof India reported Thursday.

"IT ho does tnie to form, bo wl U probably do a good job because ho seems to hove performed quite wc U in - - other cnpacitlca, depllo the fact be has taken ote where - people fmvo qucsuoncd whether ho Ua Uy quall- ' flnd.''Hnnscn BJild. " Youth com mission seeks help BOISE (UPI) — The Idaho Youth Commission has oskcd for federal help In determining what clinnges aie needed thc state's juvenile jietlce system, the group'schnlnnans Qys, Idaho panelists lock Ibe tecfanleal knowledge needed to prepare recommendations called Cor-'by Gov. 733-^5aa or- 734-5325 nflor 3pm:- Cloan, carpotod, 1 bdrm apt, In Twin Fnlla.

agreement was reached on a proposed agenda which wll I~bo-(orwarded • to the-natlonal ' • See MIDEAST OQPnso'Aa.

Lebanon'p wanrlhg factions, minus three groups, met around a peace-talk table Thursdav fl-2T lmoa -Hap.

Wa Uml^Stmai^ under Intense pressure fnm Republicans vibo feared be was a apolitical liability to W^ has been asked to siay tn until Los Angeles Police Department- gong officers said tbey were not awaro of gang efforts to call a truce during tho Olymplca.^ —. Is pcsalble/' Even wtlb DUton organized "truce," Valdlvla.sald, the 420 row? Tbey will be locked up and fltanuned down 80 fast tbey wwi't know what hit them." Mideast- ffnl H li)""" "-"f" si Mpwwin B-Trie Tr-^i Tn T^ pnrt! 10 'igm ff ''h" '"- Tlffl ^^ fnll u TB waa • followed try the previously report? ~ - &Duploxo3 A FANTASTIC VALUE at W50 monin for modorn & cionn 2 bdtm.

In the „ county ape a threat to Olympic viai- toni, . ;^ "1 know there are people talking about hl Uhig- the 'venue areas, downtown, the hotc U - spodflc areas whei« tourists will bo," he said. clpoilo D-f D-th6-cea B©-(ire-com Mekkaoul -refused- to-uaye U^the mlttce bccjiiiso the government is aceada, but Akef Kddar, reprc- -saying Italy, wonted vevenmorc Intensive' cooperatkm in the struggle against major crime and against major drugtmfndtcrs." Smith said he hoped lo win required Senate approval - lorthetrcatyby Uwe Ddof Dextmonth.. Russian space station has leak- WASHINGTON t UPD - Russia's Salyut 7 space station experienced a serious propellant leak In orbit Sept. ^, --Hflal W of a Soviet rodtet S..^..4ndia plans Bangladesti hence — If the union's 5,800 nig W attcndani B ra Ject^UM pact.___f^^ _ India w IU build a "■^unlonofficlals salda new strike deadline would be set.

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