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i Track Hockey started as a simple quest to find a better way to collect stats for our teams and kids, and expanded into an App that can be used by anyone.

We spent almost a year developing and perfecting the software in order to make it easy to use, yet very useful and comprehensive.

They'll learn perseverance as they save up for a special toy or item and can strategize how to allocate incoming money.

Updating their accounts with recent purchases, kids will see exactly where their money is going and can watch how long-term and short-term savings goals are doing.

Parents sign up to create an account; they'll get an email registration link to confirm and can then add accounts for each kid.

Since we couldn’t find one – we decided to develop i Track Hockey.

The premise of this App is simple: Provide people like us with the EASIEST way to collect hockey stats for minor hockey teams.

Hockey coaches typically use an arsenal of tools to deliver success.

These important tools include the ability to track and learn from players’ performance as well as to review and analyze historical information against opponents.

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