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They’ve all been deleted (or disabled…yet to be determined). What the heck was I thinking trusting so many things to a company who has a ZERO policy: Don’t get me wrong…google provides the best services. But there has to be a safeguard when you’re using a company who will disable such vital information without warning or repercussion. Fortunately for me, I had read a blog post about this a while back so I had written lots of this info down and put it in a drawer thinking I would probably lose the paper before I needed it. It’s not as complete as I’d like (or as complete as google would like as of right now), but I have a lot of info. Right now all my email is just bouncing back to people who email me. First: I learned (again) that with google, there is 1 chance. From now on I’ll have my own domain and have Google Apps handle the email. I can’t login to my where I had LOTS of documentation for my business. ara=1 which is an account recovery link for if your account has been disabled. WRITE DOWN EVERYTHING THEY ASK FOR THIS HAPPENS TO YOU! In any case, I’ll never know because even IF I get my account back, Google will never tell me what happened. When someone else is in control of your contact location (your email address), when they decide to take it from you, you’re out of luck.On the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab, you’ll find the settings you need.Here you can choose between the POP and IMAP protocols Under the IMAP Access section, check the Enable IMAP toggle.

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I also love that I can change my important passwords as often as needed and I don’t have to worry about remembering them. Here’s another horror story of an expensive hacking…and things you should change right now!Lastpass does it for me, across all my computers and my phone. Before you hate on me and say I’m stupid for using an online service to store my passwords, look at the security Lastpass uses. If you have a address as your primary email you’re playing with fire. Click an arrow to expand that account and show all its folders.When you’re responding to a message with more than one account in Outlook, you can click the From box to change what email address you use to respond.

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