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It's important to remember at all times what it's like to be watching someone else play a game and to keep the gameplay interesting with some sense of forward momentum.

Dedicating over an hour to solving one specific puzzle in a game may seem important to the person playing but for the viewer it can get old very quickly and can cause them to go in search of a more dynamic player on another channel.

With over 9.7 million daily active users, Twitch has quickly become one of the leading services for viewing and streaming video game content on smartphones, tablets, PCs, and gaming consoles.

Every month, over 2 million Twitch users stream their gameplay or creative content on the network with many of these streamers aiming to make a full time income with their hobby and become a famous Twitch Affiliate or Partner.

The choice is a personal one but choosing to partake in a little self-censorship can greatly broaden your stream's appeal and would give viewers who are unsure about sticking around one less reason to watch someone else.

Something that a lot of new Twitch streamers forget is that they're playing video games for their audience and not for themselves.

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Streamers see eating on camera as sharing a meal with friends but many viewers react to it as if they're hearing someone eat on a phone call or while recording a podcast.

Some viewers will be fine with it but many will get grossed out by it or even consider to be rude and unprofessional.

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