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There are worlds around us for the initiate who has learned to See to behold and enjoy. Jessie J, Arianna Grande, and Nicki Minaj are at number one with “Bang Bang.” Iggy Azalea, Calvin Harris, Lilly Wood also chart.In truth, the Golden Age never ended and the Immortals never departed. In news, protests in Hong Kong rapidly amp up as tens of thousands of people take to the streets in opposition to the proposed “electoral reforms” that would dramatically increase the Chinese Communist Party’s control over Hong Kong.And though events in the last couple of weeks have shifted the approach slightly, it’s a matter of degree.All the main points are ones I decided on a while ago. This is partly because I am not well at the moment.To make it harder for anyone to hack your account we suggest you use a different Username to the screenname you intend to use.A confirmation email will be sent to your registered email and you will need to click a link to confirm your email address before the account is active.I don’t know whether this fact matters, or if it should; nevertheless, it is a fact. It’s also partly because I didn’t start on it early enough and never quite worked out what I wanted it to be. I am notorious for my bad memory and often forget dates.It’s only Twitter – with its automatic mechanisms for pricking the unpaid contributor to fill it with content, even to the point of scavenging almanacs – which has made me as date-conscious as I am now.

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There’s a rare experience occasionally generated by art, best described as a high or altered state.

Watch out for her forthcoming TARDIS Eruditorum entry on this episode.

* Also, here are some reposts of older commentaries that we recorded on the 60s classic 'The Mind Robber'. Sigma and Paloma Faith are at number one with “Changing,” while Professor Green, Script, George Ezra, and Taylor Swift also chart. Because I should probably stress up front that I’ve known what I’m going to say in this entry for a while.

Worse still, one of the worst Writer's Guild Strikes of all time hit in 1988, absolutely crippling producer Maurice Hurley's attempts to do his job for the entire year.

But Hurley made enemies and mistakes of his own, and by the time the Writer's Guild Strike finally lifted he was gone, and with him all remnants of 's original creative team.

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