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But rest assured, with a completed CELTA certificate there will be plenty of opportunities for you to teach abroad! I recommend that you sign-up for TIE's services so you can start looking for your dream job as soon as possible!

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Contrary to a common misperception, teaching abroad is not the place to learn how to teach and to get your first experience running a classroom.

Now the main order of business is the Bachelor's degree. Subscribe to TIE today and you'll be teaching in an international school by September! To get started, you should subscribe to TIE at start applying for the positions at international schools that we feature.

Schools will require that you have completed your degree before hiring you. Your background in physics, chemistry and math are all in strong demand at international schools so I recommend you go for it! CN Hello Dhwani, Yes, based on your education of two master's degrees and 8 years teaching English you certainly match-up to the standards for teaching at an international school.

Furthermore, the references and recommendations you will have secured after your first international teaching stint will make future placements easier.

The expression, It’s a small world, really bears true in the international school community.

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